Impression has been persistently exploring new forms of landscape design, hoping to raise the landscape design to the height of art. We advocate "western thinking + Oriental Aesthetics", but we will not only combine the two. We believe that no matter which design method is adopted in the East and the west, it has its own rich and different ways of thinking and aesthetic characteristics, reflecting the lifestyle of different people in the corresponding climate conditions. The landscape design strategy of inperson is to create an innovative design that integrates the rich cultural tradition of China and the contemporary global environment. With the rise of China again, how to connect with the past and define the future at the same time has become an increasingly important issue. Under the background of global "homogenization", how to reinterpret the rich historical culture and regional characteristics of China, how to realize the embodiment of the base context, and how to create new forms of landscape design are our design goals.

The company is committed to providing comprehensive land planning and environmental design services for the Asia Pacific region with a registered capital of 3 million yuan. The company has grade B qualification for landscape architecture design. The design team comes from China and overseas, and has relevant professional qualifications. Foreign designers of the company all have the professional background of top international design companies and have experienced major international projects. It aims to provide high-quality landscape design services for customers in Asia and China, and constantly improve the quality of living environment and community life.

In order to ensure the design quality, inperson garden attaches great importance to the deliberation and research of design space and details. The company has set up a design research and development center, which focuses on the analysis of spatial logic system, design language system and details processing system, especially details processing. Inperson believes that the quality of a project is often reflected in details - how to deal with the receiving side Whether the position and size of pipe well meet the paving modulus is an important factor to determine the quality of a project. In fact, this concept guides the design trend in many cases, and promotes the formation of the design system, and finally presents the results to customers perfectly.

印派森园林一直坚持不懈的探索景观设计新的表现形式,希望将景观设计上升到艺术的高度,我们倡导“西方思维+东方美学”,但我们并不只是会把这两者结合起来。我们认为,无论东西方哪一种设计方法,都有各自丰富而不同的思维方式和美学特点,体现了不同人群在相应气候条件下的生活方式。印派森的景观设计策略是创造一个融合了中国丰富文化传统及当代全球化环境下创新性的设计。随着中国的再度崛起,如何联系中国的过往传统并同时定义未来成为越来越重要的一个课题。在全球 “均质化” 的时代背景下,中国丰富的历史文化与地域特色如何被重新诠释,如何实现对基地文脉的体现,并创造景观设计新的表现形式是我们的设计目标。



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