Design philosophy The core of the Impression design philosophy is the pursuit of "artistic conception", which is considered as the core of every successful space place. The design of the space place must be comfortable, warm, as well as contain connotation and cultural deposits. As we are striving to meet the actual constraints and requirements of each building project, we continue to pursue a higher level of goals: creating space places which are symbolic, unforgettable, and rich in flavor to people. The Impression aims to create a new practice of the iconic space, and in order to attract and inspire people, transforming a common space into a unique place. To achieve this point, it undoubtedly requires imagination and artistic realm like pursuing poetic charm. Today's public landscape is a synthesis of the whole, no matter how it was constructed in the environment, the landscape is closely linked with nature, follows the ecological principles, and belongs to the category of Art. The Impression has given a full expression to the idea of ecology through material technology and visual art effect. In order to create a natural experience, we try to combine technology with art. According to different places, we create a series of unique rivers, rocks, gardens, woods and other natural features, and give perfect interpretation of history and modernity, prosperity and culture in different places. The Impression Garden tries to build a bridge between modern and history, artificial and nature as well as art and technology, thus creating a high-quality artistic landscape with ecological benefit and economic benefit.

印派森设计哲学的核心是对“意境”的追求,将“意境”视为每个成功的空间场所的核心。空间场所的设计必须是舒适的、温馨的、有内涵及文化底蕴的。 当我们努力满足每个在建项目的实际约束与需求时,我们一如既往地努力超越以实现更高层面的目标:创造能够给人们的生活带来标志性的、难忘的、富含韵味的空间场所。 印派森的实践目标即是创建新的标志性的空间,并以此吸引及激发人。将普通的空间转变为独特的场所,而要做到这一点无疑需要想象力和追求诗情画意一般的艺术境界。今天的公共景观是一个综合的整体,无沦在怎样的环境中建造,景观都与自然发生密切的联系,遵循生态原则,同时还属于艺术的范畴。 印派森已将生态的理念通过材料技术及视觉艺术效果给予充分的表达。为了创造置身自然的体验,我们尝试结合技术与艺术,根据不同场所,创造一系列独特的河流、岩石、花园及树林等自然风貌,将不同地域场所的历史与现代、繁荣与文化完美的诠释。印派森园林力图在现代与历史、人造与自然、艺术性与技术性、之间建立桥梁,创作出具有生态效益和经济效益及高质量的艺术水准的景观。

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